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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Summer Vacation and New Traditions

Yes, summer vacation!  It's here, not quite in full gear, but still here none-the-less.

We're in full pre-Boy Scout camp mode!  Talking Vacation Bible School (VBS)! Lazy mornings!

One of the best parts, so far, is happening now as I type.  Boys got a bit of t.v. this morning, couldn't figure out breakfast, and were about to grumble.  I'd wanted to listen to Pandora as I prepped breakfast, but youngest asked to listen to Huckleberry Finn.  They've been happily listening to it for about 45 minutes so far.  During this I was able to fix pancakes for breakfast, get them fed, and start the dishwasher.  They seemed to enjoy that as well.  This may have to be a new tradition and carried into the new school year.  Listen to an audio book and have breakfast.  The schedule will need to be tweaked, once school starts, but hopefully this will be a good memory for the boys.

What traditions do you enjoy?  Summer related or school related!  Ones your kids just love and keep coming back too!

 For now, loving summer!

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