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Friday, April 6, 2012

What a week . . .

We had our oldest in "Loose Those Training Wheels" (LTTW) over Spring Break.  LTTW is a very cool organization that helps kids, with various special needs, learn to ride a regular two wheeler.  Over five consecutive days, your child rides a modified bike with a roller on the back.  For the first couple days, or so, the roller is changed from almost a cylinder shape to one wider in the middle and narrow along the outer edges.  There are 7 or 8 rollers, so the change is gradual enough that most kids don't notice the change.  Some kids, this go around, didn't even believe the rollers had been changed.  Soon the bike gets changed to a regular wheel.  Most kids, by Wednesday or Thursday, are riding practically independently while practicing braking, stopping, and coasting along with some riding outside.  Friday brings riding their own bike.

This held true for our kid!  The only unfortunate part is that it has taken a bit to find the right bike for him.  We hope the one we ordered comes in just a few days!
 The blur here is our kid, in green, and one of the instructors on a
tandem bike.  They ride on Monday or Tuesday, together so the team 
can get a feel of how your child is doing.

A short video, from Wednesday I believe, of riding with minimal help!

Riding independently by Friday!

Brief award ceremony at the end!

The whole staff was knowledgeable, friendly, and really wanting to help the kids.  It made it so easy to let my kid go and learn something new.  I'd recommend this in a heartbeat!

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