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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Educational Ponderings

It has been almost a year since we began the process of trying to figure out and pinpoint the glitches our oldest has.  We began with Learning Enhancement Centers (LEC).  He's made great strides with their help.  Through their testing we learned of his deficits in processing speeds, working memory, visual processing, work attack, auditory analysis, and logic and reason.  There were also some reading issues as well.  While there has been improvement, we're taking a break to work more on motor skills and have further testing completed.

We also met with Dr. Davis, who came highly recommended.  Through this consult, a more detailed description of Thing One's visual processing issues was given.  At the time, we could not afford the time and money for both LEC and Dr. Davis. 

One thing we did, although out of pocket and may not be liked by some therapists, to help him with his visually processing issues, was to purchase a Eyeport.  With the Eyeport, your eyes’ muscles flex and relax when they follow the programmed series of alternating red and blue lights. Because the lights turn on in different directions, patterns and speeds, your eyes exercise through their full range of motion (paraphrased from their website).  It is a twelve week series that takes about 15 minutes to complete.  Really not much time is needed in the big scheme of things.  Although we have not had his visual processing speeds retested since he did the first round, we're hopeful that there has been progress forward.

Fast forward to January 2012 or so and we began another series of evaluations with a Neurologist at Children's Hospital to help diagnose some glitches that were not coming together through LEC and his Occupational Therapist (O/T).  Through blood work and an EEG, many things have been ruled out, which is a blessing, but still leaves many things unanswered.  To date, we've met with two separate psychologist with the hopes of having him tested for more specific learning glitches.  We're hopeful to find the right doctor for this testing.

Now we begin much prayer over the education of Thing One.  We'll be researching more things we can do at home to help him along in the know deficits areas and finding the right help and right tools.  Somethings websites/authors I want to read up on are:  Kathy Kuhl, Dianne Craft, Dyslexia Victoria, Reading Reflex, and Audiblox.


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