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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Boy Scout Camp

We picked up Thing One from camp today.  They had a family time/BBQ and bonfire Friday evening and we'd gone up to check things out.  When leaving Camp Tuckahoe, we gave him the option of riding with the Troop or us.  He choose us.  Still made him help clean up though.  LOL!

He seems to have had a good time, not to many details shared; seems like he has to take some time to decompress after a very BUSY week.  We did hear that he'd been working hard all week and was able to complete the four merit badges he started there ~ Golf, Swimming, First Aid, and Canoeing.  It was also kind of nice to hear that the Scout Masters there had to remind him of the some things we've been doing for awhile.  It kind of felt good to look him in the eyes and say "See, your dad and I aren't to far off on what we expect out of you!"

It was kind of nice at the bonfire!  They started out with some of the instructors playing leap frog (I know a kids game, but keep reading).  Turns out their version turns into a competition.  After each round the guys get a bit higher, and higher, and higher.  If you can't make it over with a clean landing, you are out.  It got down to two guys left and they were asking for guys, from the audience, that were over 6'4" to come be jumped over.  This guy ended up raising his hands and arms to make a higher obstacle.  Also during the course of the evening, they gave away awards for various things (leadership by Scout Masters, camp entry way, belly flop award, and others I don't remember).  Think Troop 2215 came away with 5 or more.  Nice evening to see what our son had been doing all week.

Now back to the reality of life.  All the guys in the household are up at church and I'm home doing post camp laundry!  Suppose I'll take the laundry because it means I have a fairly quiet house with the only noises being a sleeping dog and a fan running (can't even hear the washer!).  Not such a bad bargain.  So I'm off to knit, wash, and have a quiet time.

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