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Monday, April 11, 2011

SUMMER, sUmMeR, s u m m e r

Today has been a warm day.  At a friends facebook post about working on getting rid of the her farmers tan, I decided to work a bit outside and catch a few rays myself.  It felt good, even if warm, to feel the occasional breeze, to be buzzed by a bee, to hear the dog panting (but refusing to go in), to hear the screen doors being opened and closed.

Also today, we've polished off the first round of home made fruit-sicles.  The boys called them frozen smoothies and basically they are.  I can forsee buying mass quantities of fruit for the summer.  Have to snicker though, I'm getting a lot of fruit into my boys this way.  These were the main portion of their lunch, along with a yogurt. 

Off to clean and possibly start rearranging some furniture.

Happy Early Summer, Popsicles, and Reading!

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