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Monday, March 8, 2010

Where is the chicken?

And why is it missing it's head?

Okay, maybe not in reality, but I sure felt that way this morning. After a week of trying to fight a cold that turned into Strep Throat, I am finally feeling better and beginning to get caught up. This morning just seemed crazy busy trying to pull today's lessons together, let alone a weeks worth. I have a new appreciation for Public School Teachers; not sure how they pull lessons together when totally exhausted, sick, and needing to have things "together" by a certain time. At least with homeschooling, especially our Mondays, there is a bit of flexibility to our starting time. I'm caught up now and can get a bit ahead.

Thing Two is rowing "Wee Gillis" this week. I'm personally excited, because the story is set in Scotland and I am part Scottish if you trace up my mom's side of the family. Her maiden name is Keith and it can be traced back to the Keith Clan. Below is a picture of Dunnottar, which is the castle the Keith's ruled from.
Here's a picture of Keith's tartan:

One of these days soon, I'll have to see what my dad found, for his side of the family and their lineage, when he worked the Markham history. For now, I can share what I do know with our kids.

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