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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions

10 or more years ago, I never would have imagined so many things go into an adoption. Would have thought it would be as simple as someone realizing they can't raise the child, another person wanting to raise a child, a lawyer, and another person/company to put the two families in touch.

I'm beginning to believe that this could be more of a challenging application than some of the places I've worked in the past. There are a number of financial questions, medical forms for all living in the household, reference letters, autobiography letters to be written, statement of faith, parenting classes, finger printing, background checks, and on it goes. Already having two boys of our own, I can only begin to understand the pain of having to put a child up for adoption. The need to know that your child will be loved and taken care of is great. The information gathered, by an adoption agency, helps orphanages and mothers to make a selection in who the child will be placed with.

As we wrap up the first set of papers, we believe we'll be adopting domestically ~ mainly because of the cost. We'll hopefully be able to pay for most of the adoption from our savings. Generally speaking, I'm not in favor of going into debt for most things. I'd rather cut out activities than borrow, thinking the money will be their later. Now we begin the journey of figuring out where to cut things in our budget so that we can save more! It's a good to know that we can tighten the purse strings, why we're doing it, and still be able to have some fun.

Keep us in your prayers,
now for financial wisdom.


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  1. Hi there,
    I used to be part of the FIAR boards years ago. I still lurk there from time to time, and saw your post about decorating blogs this morning. I started one myself a month ago. I'm addicted to decorating blogs myself. :) I have some great ones on my side bar.

    Best wishes as you start your adoption process. We've adopted two children, and it has been the most rewarding experience of our lives.

    God bless,