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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Humming Birds

We get a number of animals in our yard, most are not domestic pets. Suppose that's not a surprise as we back up to park land and live at the end of the street (almost, second to last). Thought I'd try to get a picture of a hummingbird this go around. Each time I try, the pictures are getting a bit better. Here's what I've gotten so far:

Not the best, as the picture is washed out (through a window
and screen and maxed out on zooming). You can
still tell it's a humming bird in flight.

A hummingbird checking out new "bird juice" and location
of feeder so I could hopefully get better pictures from inside.

Suppose it tastes okay!

Monday, July 27, 2009


The construction crew is just cleaning up today. Hope this means we're about finished with the new bathroom!!!! The mirror, towel rake, and towel paper holder have been installed. They've also cleaned up the floor in part of the utility room that they were working in. There's still a lot of tools to be lugged out though. I won't hold my breath till it's finished - I've kind of gotten used to breathing.

Later tonight, I'll take a couple more photos and post them on this entry.

P.S. Here's the photo's of a job 98% done (still need a hand towel, toilet paper, trash can)

Here's the new door to the utility room. The old door was right at the bottom of the steps. The new one is further back.

The new 1/2 bath!! All that is left to do is put in a towel, toilet paper, and a trash can.

New area for our fridge, freezer, and bakers rack. The wall, in the fore ground, is the outside back wall of the bathroom.

Thursday, July 23, 2009


We're on the home stretch with the basement remod (the bathroom portion anyway)!! Paint is going up in the bathroom, foyer area, and part of the utility room that they worked on. I am hoping that there will be time to faux paint before the sink and toilet get put in. Hopefully I'll be able to paint tonight, after VBS, and take some pictures. If there is success, I'll add photo's to this post later.

P.S. There were a number of days that where sanding spackle, filling holes again, more sanding, or priming the walls took place. Those days didn't make for good photo's. Stay tuned though, if you're following our remod.

The photo doesn't show the sponge painting well, but did a heavy sponge
about 4 1/1 feet and lighter below. Hopefully pictures will look better
with the sink, toilet, mirror, towel bar, and toilet paper holder in.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Bathroom Remodeling

We have drywall and it's in. The bathroom is coming along and sure seems like it will be usable soon. Looking forward to being able to use it. Here are some more photo's.

Drywall in the new bathroom. It'll be small, but functional. Yeah!!
Our basement is almost finished.

Pocket door separating the rec room and utility room. Still needs to be painted
and trimmed, but it's getting there!!!

New area for our fridge, freezer, and bakers rack. It will almost be like a mini
kitchen. Notice the light switch? We finally have the utility room
and rec room on two different set of switches. How long until
we remember to turn off the utility room?

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Christmas in July

It's been a little over a year since I blogged about Christmas in July. Last year (7/2/08) it was Thing Two KNOWING Santa would bring him certain gifts. Well, Santa didn't pull through exactly like he wanted, but they got the desired lego's.

This year, UPS delivered. It was our box from Rainbow Resources. A few books, workbook, spelling books, fun science, and unnamed Christmas Presents for Thing One and Thing Two. It's was hard opening the box without the boys getting all excited about it. Should be fun!!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Lost Track . . . .

of the number of days that the crew has been here building our bathroom. Okay, not totally, it's 5 or 6. Electrical issues have been worked out, bathroom is vented to the outside, bathroom has a light. Now to wait on inspections and the rest will go quickly, I hope.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Day Two and Day Three Photos

It's felt like a long three days so far with the basement remodeling. They're making progress, but still seems like a lot of work.
Photo of rough in for the toilet

Framing of the back wall

A lot of framing and plumbing went on today. Here are a few photo's.

Looking through the framed bathroom door.

Outside corner of the bathroom. It's diagonally opposite from
from the bathroom door.

Water supply for the sink and toilet are in
as well. Looks like the county inspector will be
in soon to look at the work.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Day One - New Bathroom

Construction has begun. It's been noisy, but they've done a good job containing the mess. Here's a picture of the broken concrete.

Friday, July 3, 2009

40 Yrs Later: The 7 Children In 'The Sound of Music'

The movie "Sound of Music" has always been a favorite. I recieved an e-mail from my dad with the following in it. A very neat tribute (more text below the pictures):

40 Yrs Later: The 7 Children In 'The Sound of Music'

'The Sound of Music' won the Academy Award for Best Picture of 1965 and is one of the most popular musicals ever produced.

Remember the 7 children of the Trapp family?

They were having a reunion after 40 years and all were looking healthy and amazingly well...


It wouldn't be funny if it weren't so true... Julie Andrews turned 69 and to commemorate her 69th birthday on October 1, 2008. Actress/vocalist Julie Andrews made a special appearance at Manhattan 's Radio City Music Hall form the benefit of the AARP. One of the musical numbers she performed was "My Favorite Things" from the legendary movie "The Sound Of Music."

Here are the actual lyrics she used at the 40-year reunion:

"Maalox and nose drops and needles for knitting,
Walkers and handrails and new dental fittings,
Bundles of magazines tied up in string,
These are a few of my favorite things.
Cadillac's and cataracts, and hearing aids and glasses,
Polident and Fixodent and false teeth in glasses,
Pacemakers, golf carts and porches with swings,
These are a few of my favorite things..
When the pipes leak, When the bones creak,
When the knees go bad,
I simply remember my favorite things,
And then I don't feel so bad.
Hot tea and crumpets and corn pads for bunions,
No spicy hot food or food cooked with onions,
Bathrobes and heating pads and hot meals they bring,
These are a few of my favorite things.
Back pains, confused brains, and no need for sinnin',
Thin bones and fractures and hair that is thinnin',
And we won't mention our short, shrunken frames,
When we remember our favorite things.
When the joints ache, When the hips break,
When the eyes grow dim,
Then I remember the great life I've had,
And then I don't feel so bad."

Ms. Andrews received a standing ovation from the crowd that lasted over four minutes and repeated encores. Please share Ms. Andrews' clever wit and humor with others who would appreciate it.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Rainbow Resources

Finally ordered the last of our curriculum for the coming year - Sequential Spelling - from Rainbow Resources. Had a hard time coming up with the $150.00 to get free shipping and handling. Fortunately for me, hubby was sitting next to me and figured out what threshold made sense to not worry about reaching the free s/h - think it was about $125.00. Each time I tried to get close, it was $149 and change. Off by a few coins.