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Thursday, July 23, 2009


We're on the home stretch with the basement remod (the bathroom portion anyway)!! Paint is going up in the bathroom, foyer area, and part of the utility room that they worked on. I am hoping that there will be time to faux paint before the sink and toilet get put in. Hopefully I'll be able to paint tonight, after VBS, and take some pictures. If there is success, I'll add photo's to this post later.

P.S. There were a number of days that where sanding spackle, filling holes again, more sanding, or priming the walls took place. Those days didn't make for good photo's. Stay tuned though, if you're following our remod.

The photo doesn't show the sponge painting well, but did a heavy sponge
about 4 1/1 feet and lighter below. Hopefully pictures will look better
with the sink, toilet, mirror, towel bar, and toilet paper holder in.

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