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Monday, July 27, 2009


The construction crew is just cleaning up today. Hope this means we're about finished with the new bathroom!!!! The mirror, towel rake, and towel paper holder have been installed. They've also cleaned up the floor in part of the utility room that they were working in. There's still a lot of tools to be lugged out though. I won't hold my breath till it's finished - I've kind of gotten used to breathing.

Later tonight, I'll take a couple more photos and post them on this entry.

P.S. Here's the photo's of a job 98% done (still need a hand towel, toilet paper, trash can)

Here's the new door to the utility room. The old door was right at the bottom of the steps. The new one is further back.

The new 1/2 bath!! All that is left to do is put in a towel, toilet paper, and a trash can.

New area for our fridge, freezer, and bakers rack. The wall, in the fore ground, is the outside back wall of the bathroom.

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