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Wednesday, August 26, 2009


This was not the best year for tomatoes for me. To many years of growing them in the same spot will do that. I've had a few that were great for sandwiches or salads, most though, have only been good for cooking down to a tomato sauce.

I was feeling, well, possibly a little proud of myself in this process today. There's been a pot on the stove, for a couple hours, with the last few tomatoes of the season cooking. I've been mashing and straining as the time goes on, all along thinking how good I was for not splashing anything on myself, as I was wearing a nice t-shirt and khaki capris. Did you pick up on the was? Yup, decided it was time to blend some of the pulp that hadn't cooked down. Totally forgot that hot liquids tend to explode while being blended. I managed to get myself, my hubby, and everything on the counter top within two feet. Needless to say, I've cleaned up, changed clothes, started a load of laundry and am waiting until the tomatoes have cooled before blending.

So, I end this post a little more humbled!!!


  1. LOL! It never fails, every single time I make spaghetti sauce I wear a nice new white shirt. I have NO idea why. But it always works out that way. (As you can imagine, none of my nice new white shirts are very white anymore).

  2. Pictures, pictures!!!! Where are pictures?!?!?


  3. Thought about taking pictures, but the tomatoes where hot enough that it stung. We immediately went into clean up mode.