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Monday, August 18, 2014

First Day of School

Here are our 2014/2015 school year photos:

 First day of 9th and First day of 6th!
Think it is kind of funny that they each wore
their "favorite" color top and black shorts.

 Reading the note on the back of the sign.

 6th grader

 9th grader

 Need Charlotte in the photo too!

First field trip of the year.  Neither kid
wanted to leave the house!  Took a bit
for them to realize we were using money
earned from selling stuff for small milk shakes.
Our first PJ run.  An event I learned about
through Five in a Row!

Simon's Classes:
Biology with lab at Co-op
Art at co-op
Algebra 1 and Geometry
Modern History
P.E. through various things

Ian's Classes:
Dangerous Boys at Co-op
Cooking at Co-op
Zeta (not sure what all is taught in this level of MUS)
Modern History
Spanish (his choice)
P.E. through various things

Time to log off.  I am one tired wife, mom, teacher, the whole shebang.

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