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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Third Day

As I typed the title out, made me remember the group "Third Day" and thought I'd leave it as is, to make whoever reads this wonder. Wonder what the gist of the post would be about. Am I going to share a Third Day video that I enjoy or am I going to go into some kind of detail about the third day of something ~ like school, which today was.  =}

Originally it was about school and how it seemed to get easily derailed!  Have been dealing with major allergy issues the last couple weeks and had had enough.  Made a doctors appointment to discuss what to do about it.  Got a prescrip for a couple different things that will hopefully do the trick; if not will have a couple very disappointed boys at our house.  A while back we'd promised them kittens; a situation came about where the price was right, but the addition of two more cats seemed to have been to much for me!  Will have to see how a few things pan out!

Third Day - the group!  Took some time to see which videos struck my fancy right now.  This one seemed to be it for me today.


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