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Monday, February 6, 2012


That is what this blog is suffering from and a huge factor in why I don't have many followers.  Not that numbers matter.  A lot of the time I am more interested in life, as it is happening, than wondering if it will make a great blog post.  Sometimes, there is the cold that lasts 8 - 10 days that just knocks the life out of you and not much of anything but breathing and sleeping happens.  There are the days that are just mundane and not note worthy.

On the flip side, I do have a number of pictures on my phone and camera that would be blog worthy.  I will see if I go and back date a few from the boys birthdays.  If you find this post and decide  to come back looking for back dated blog post, two things will have happened.  One, post will have been written and dated in January 2012 or, the more likely, they photos will be up loaded onto the computer and that is exactly where they will sit forever.

Tuddles, the school day still calls.

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