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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

It was Christmas Craft time this past Friday - Gingerbread houses to be exact!  Bought a couple Wilton's kits a week or two ago and thought it would be loads of fun for the boys to do.

Mid decorating, once the houses were put together.

Youngest adding decorating candy to "their" house!
(yes, decorating candy - tastes bad but looks pretty on this sort of thing)

More additions to the house!
First house put together!  Looks pretty bad from the
other sides as it was hard to find the right consistency
of frosting to hold the ginger bread together.

Boys finished project!  Looks a lot better than the other one!

Lessons Learned:
  • don't plan to eat these and use super glue to hold house together
  • probably does pay to trim the house part to a bit more square ~ I'd thought I could easily figure out the right consistency of frosting and use enough to keep it up (WRONG)
  • have ginger bread cookies available to eat while working on houses as the house smells good enough to eat
  • have a few bowls worth of different consistency of frosting; it will be helpful!

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