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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Long overdue!

Been awhile since I blogged.  Can cover a few things in just one post!  Lucky me!!!  We finally took a fairly decent photo of ourselves for the adoption agency we're using.  I just don't like photos of myself, so it's always a challenge finding one.  We took one of the four of us as well.  Without much further adue, here they are:

The other photo I've been meaning to take, well since Monday anyway is our Thanksgiving or Blessing tree.  We're trying to daily write out something we are thankful for, on a leaf, and hang it.  Hoping to keep this up through Thanksgiving.  Should be a full tree by then.  Yes, it wraps into the kitchen, touches the floor, and goes onto the ceiling.

There you have it, our most recent photo's!

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