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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Home School Link

We're wrapping up our second year of schooling, just under 4 weeks left. Although I am looking forward to summer vacation, there's an element of enjoying looking at curriculum for next year. In the process, we've decided to use Math-U-See and Five In A Row (and adding in Beyond Five In A Row) next year. Both boys have done well with these and definitely worth using for another year. This just leaves Language Arts as an umbrella term.

Seems like I'm always asking "What curriculum have you used for ________ (fill in the blank for subject)? How did it work for your child? Does your child like workbooks or more hands on? These questions seem help narrow down what I want to research. In this process, I've come across Simply Charlotte Mason. I'm finding, her style works well for us. There's a lot of hands on, a lot of nature, a lot of books, a lot of real life; also, school doesn't have to take "all day". It's one way, of many choices, and it's working for us.

With the help of the above web sight, I've been able to narrow down some of the last thing for next year.

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