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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Don't remember Christmas this early

My kids and I had a busy day.  We were at the pool for 8:00 AM swim team, home and doing chores by 9:15.  Guess I really should say I was doing chores (laundry, dishes, grocery lists, you know the usual stuff mom's do).  We visited with some friends for lunch.  What a treat for me as one of my friends cooks awesome food and I am married to a self declared picky eater.

Afterward we still needed to get to Costco for gas and groceries.  On the way home, my kids (mainly my younger one) started asking when Christmas was and started into his Christmas wish list.  He just KNOWS that Santa will bring him the $75 - $100 star wars lego set.  It had felt like a long hot day and almost wanted to burst his bubble about Santa; but I held my tongue and just kept paying attention to traffic and such.  If brought up again, may have to find some diplomatic way of getting him out of wanting those legos.

If not, maybe I need to make and sell a few blankets or something to earn a little extra cash for this Christmas.

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