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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Lazy post!! Everyone needs one!

From time to time you need a lazy post. This is it! I have a knitting blog as well and just posted over there so I am linking up to save time and effort!  And I really need to get off the computer!  So here is a link to the most recent baby blanket I have made!

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Another Sunday! Another Birthday!

Another day to party! Another day to celebrate life!

     And that, my friend, is just what we did!

Our second son, known here as Thing Two, was born 10 years ago, today.  He's been a wonderful, high energy, very intense in all things, kid his whole life.  Here's our day in pictures!!!!

 The call of the wild is to great for 4 young boys.

 Will come together for a picture!

Per his request: a plan cake with chocolate icing (homemade) and
crunch bars on top!

 Ten green candles, handled with no spit!

 Yummy!  Slice of cake with homemade vanilla ice cream.

Thing Two remembered that his brother got "10 Things about 'Thing One'"
and wanted his own too!  On actual page, his IRL is printed on the page.
As of now, still not comfortable using their real names!

 Long awaited gift card to Itunes!  

 Our attempt at controlling some legos!  This is for all those mini figs laying around.
Thing One got a blue one too ~ a week late.
Guess who forgot to wrap the two mini figs that went with this?
Yup, that would be this mom.  He didn't care!
He ended up with two knights
(employees evidently figure out some of the mini figs and label them.
Those are left under the register counter.  I had mentioned something about
wanting to know and six were pulled out.  Of the four I bought, 3 were
correct.  Thing Two was hoping for Chicken man, but got a second knight)

He was quite happy with his day and we were thankful for that!

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Want another round?

You might want to ask about the round I am offering before agreeing!

 So, what were you doing 10 years today?

It was a Sunday, in 2003.  We were invited to some friends house for lunch and the early play off game.  Friends, fun, football, fellowship.  The four "f's" of fall and early winter.  Friends had their 6th that November and asked what we'd do with our oldest when the 2nd was ready to come.  They offered to watch him for us.

Later, we were home, the three of us, kicking back, watching the later play off game.  In true, lack of care, that I show football, I have no clue who was playing.  Sometime around now, maybe a bit later, our second son got very fidgety, in womb.  He had never been so active until that moment in time.  Looking back, I am convinced it was that round of tossing and turning, that he went breech and nicked the water.  After talking to my doctor, called friend, several times.  They didn't pick up.  Called another neighbor who came right over.

Barely any time later (but into the wee hours on the 20th) our son was born, via c-section.

Tonight we will say good night to our 9 yo and wake up tomorrow with two kids in double digits.

Love you son.


 P.S.  Just wanted to add a photo of last 9yo hug!

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Golden Birthday! Know what that is?

Have you had your "golden birthday"?

Do you even know what a golden birthday is?

Hope you'll go aha now ~ it is when you turn the number of your birthdate!  For our oldest, that happened today.  It was extra special in that he turned 13, on the 13th, in the year 13, and he's the 13th grandchild on my side.  His Golden Birthday.

So this is what a 13 yo looks like:

He got to open gifts early today, lots of Lego's for our Lego lover:
One of two mini figures ~ a plumber and a skater
Lego gift card
Home made "Lego Drive" sign for door or wall
First "teen" Wii Game ~ Clone War Light Saber tool
Revised Lego Book
Big green board
Big blue board
After church we went out for lunch at his favorite place to go CiCi's.  Think we've gone 3 years in a row now for his birthday.  Got home in time to start prepping dinner with a couple friends over.

Minute to Win it M&M game!  Tuba player won!
Another game, getting cookie from eye to mouth!
The CAKE!  Chocolate and Candy

For a few days leading up to his birthday, I hid 13 13s in various places around the house.  Today's proved to be more challenging and not all were found ~ how long till the last 2 are found?

Saturday, January 12, 2013

13 years ago, what were you doing?

Do you remember that far back and KNOW what you were doing?  Do you even remember what you did last week, in detail?

Okay, so I don't remember January 12th, 2000 in great detail, but it was significant.  It was my "first day of freedom" after 13 weeks of bedrest.  Our oldest had been threatening to come way to early; don't recall when exactly, but do remember that from about September 1999, my doctor had been saying to take it easy, we'll watch and see what happens.  By October 24th, 1999, I was sent home, from a doctors appointment, and told to not go into work.  Made the necessary calls to Kevin and the office and then pondered, "What next?".  Spent the first few days, litterally in bed, but then started spending some time in the living room, just for a change of scenery.

So January 12th, 2000 marked the first day of my 37th week.  I spent part of the day walking around the local mall, just because I was allowed to get out of the house.  Our county police will help you install baby seats, so I tried to find the location of that, (unsucessfully!)  Had left over Hard Times chili for lunch and probably took a nap too.  Don't even recall what happened that day or what we had for dinner.

Tonight I get to say goodnight to a 12 year old for the last time!

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Lovely photo, right?

Ran some errands earlier this afternoon and cam home with this stash:

How convenient that both boys have asked for a candy birthday cake this year! This should be fun to make.


P.S.  Here is a link to the cakes that the boys have asked for; I was bored and on hold one day, so I typed them into my blog!  :)

Sunday, January 6, 2013

The 6th, AlReAdY?

Time definitely speeds up, the older you get. Have spent the last few days trying to figure out how to blog from my Ipad, but have been rather unsuccessful at it. Find it hard to believe that 6 days have come and gone in 2013 already! 

Tonight, had a few things I wanted to wrap up for school tomorrow and thought I "check-in" through my blog while at the P.C.  Here's the short version of life in our corner of the world:
  • trying to figure out how to make a 13th birtday special
  • internet shopping, to find the best price on things boys would like for their birthday
  • prepping for school to start tomorrow
  • guys took a tour of the Capitol this past Friday, with Thing One's Boy Scout Troop
  • visit with extended family yesterday
What is new in your world?